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Macken Pices s.a.r.l

Market leader in the mining sector

We offer technical services and support. We are not only a supplier of quality products but offer a solution to cater for each individual customer.

What We Currently Provide In Local Market

Hydraulic hoses and fittings

Our hydraulic hose range is designed for hydraulic systems and equipment in many different sectors. Our crimped fittings range is meeting the most common international standards and specific requirements set by important OEMs.

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Fiber Optic Installation

The installation process involve more than just putting in cable, termination and testing it. Macken Pices provides and bring components to the work site. Having full control of the materials process make life easier and give better chance to keep on schedule.

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Transportation Services

We are transportation alternative for workers to and from the workplace. We provide various bus sizes for hire where clients can choose from according to their needs.

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Batteries ,Alternators, Starter Motors, Reverse Alarm, Collision Avoidance systems

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Distribution Management System fuel

You can turn to Macken Pices for integrated, comprehensive fuel systems in distribution applications. You’ll find that we deliver everything you need to meet the demands of your operations.

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Fire suppressions systems

On board fire suppression system for diesel electrical engined mining vehicles and equipment

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About Us

Our company is registered and operening in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Macken Pices has key relationships with various suppliers that are market leaders in the fields and this will make us to provide a range of products with first class services at competitive pricing.

Why Choose Us

On site workshop

If there is a problem somewhere in the hydraulics, it is already on site. The fully equipped hydraulic workshop has everything that is needed to quickly produce a spare part. Round the clock, seven days a week. Machinery is very quickly running again and work can be continued without major financial losses – a critical factor for the economic success of major projects!

delivery on time

In today’s dynamic world, customers want to have their goods it right here, right now. Therefore, it’s important for Macken Pices to deliver products on-time, as a good reputation is essential to our bottom-line.

Certified Engineers

With our dedicated team of senior Engineers with a broad range of knowledge and experience in each of the solutions we provide, We work full time designing, implementing, and maintaining for our customers.